New Thomas & Friends movie is a summer holiday must-see!

by Editor Victoria Galligan

Parents across the country are gearing up for the summer holidays – and dreading keeping the little darlings entertained for six weeks.

Luckily, the creative people at the movie studios have been hard at work on this year’s summer releases and for younger children, there’s an animation due for release which will take you all over the globe.

The new Thomas & Friends: Big World! Big Adventures! movie hits screens this July and we went along with our two-year-old daughter Amy to check it out.

After the initial excitement of being in a cinema with ACTUAL popcorn, Amy settled down to watch the movie. 

Thomas & Friends - VIP Peter Andre and family

To begin with Thomas is, quite frankly, fed-up of being stuck on the island of Sodor all the time, and fancies getting out a bit more. He’s sick of the daily grind and wants more from life – this engine wants to travel but has been grounded by the railway track.

So when ambitious racing car Ace speeds into town, regaling the little train with stories of travelling wherever and whenever he pleases, Thomas finds the perfect friend to go off and explore with… or does he?

The tale takes Thomas off on a journey across five continents in his bid to become the first train to travel the world – but when others let him down and he’s mean to his new African friend Nia, Thomas literally goes off the rails.

With all types of transport featured in the movie, from cranes to ships, those little vehicle fans will be in their element. Amy particularly enjoyed the songs in the film, and for older children the educational links with countries and continents will hone their geography skills. 

Thomas & Friends - VIP Amy

Without giving too much away, Thomas has to overcome many obstacles before he can complete his mission and the lesson learned in the film is a tough one for kids – we all want to be independent, but sometimes we just need help from our friends.

The UK premiere of Thomas & Friends took place recently, with guests including TV’s Peter Andre and family (pictured), actor Ashley Walters, the voice of Nia Yvonne Grundy and the voice behind Thomas, John Hasler.

Our little VIP (seen here enjoying a post-movie ice cream) thoroughly enjoyed the film and we have no doubt you will too.

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Friday, July 20, 2018

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