British Museum brings Renaissance treasures into the 21st century with its new permanent digital interactive exhibit

The British Museum has launched a permanent interactive digital exhibit to bring its Renaissance treasures to life for visitors to itsnewly developed Waddesdon Bequest collection and Enlightenment galleries.

AllofUs created the bespoke interactive digital display and designed it to sympathetically fit with the historical features of the galleries. 

The display allows the visitors to learn more about the wide range of exhibits in the collection through carefully crafted animated stories. Each exhibit’s location is clearly identified as part of the digital experience, encouraging visitors to explore the galleries further. 


The Waddesdon Bequest is a superb collection of nearly 300 objects, left to the Museum in 1898 by Baron Ferdinand Rothschild. It consists of exceptionally important and beautiful medieval and Renaissance pieces, as well as a number of 19th-century fakes. Together, they paint a fascinating picture of the development of the art market in the late 19th century.


Orlando Mathias, Co-Founder of AllofUs, said: “It has been a privilege to work with the British Museum in developing a new approach to digital interpretation. Collectively, we have achieved an elegant solution that integrates innovative technologies and interpretive methods into the museum, enhancing visitor’s knowledge and understanding of the rarities exhibited.”






Orlando Mathias



Creative Director


Ricardo Amorim


Visual Designers


Jon Caplin, Jamie Boyd



User-experience Designer


Daniel Felstead



Creative Technologist


Lily Madar



Creative Technology Director


Michael Chase



Project Manager


Krista Durchman





Matt Linares



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