Crystal Maze London Looks To The Future With Out-Of-This-World Upgrade

The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience London has kickstarted the new year with the launch of an iconic spinning planets game, making science fiction a reality and instantly transporting players into the belly of a spaceship.

Located within the newly-updated Futuristic Zone players can take one small step for man, journeying across spinning planets to reach the crystal in a spacewalk against time.The state-of-the-art game is sure to get players in a spin as they attempt to get their hands on the highly sought-after crystal.

Based on the outrageously popular 90s TV show, The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience is now one of London’s top interactive theatre attractions. Teams of up to eight people are guided through the maze by their own eccentric Maze Master.

The players will get the chance to don retro satin bomber jackets before entering the maze and dashing through the Medieval, Aztec, Industrial and Futuristic adventure zones.

Crystal Maze London

Contestants complete a series of challenges that test their mental and physical abilities, all against the clock. The more challenges completed successfully, the more crystals the teams win and the more time they have for the final challenge, the iconic Crystal Dome.

In this ultimate challenge the team must work together to catch as many tokens as possible, a task made so much harder by the Dome’s super-strength fans. The amount of tokens caught determines the team’s final position on the leader board.

The updated Futuristic zone with its new game is now open to visitors at The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience in London.

Tickets are now on sale for visits at both attractions from January through to March 2018 for Manchester and until May 2018 for London, and can be booked via Advanced booking is essential.

The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience is also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posting regular news, competitions and general shenanigans. 


Event Date: 
Thursday, January 18, 2018

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