Festival season: Hope and Glory

Well this blog post is the fourth in the festival season series and unsurprisingly is a bit different to the rest. Mostly due to the fact that the festival was another level of terrible.

I had been excited for the festival since the first like up was released, including a variety of bands that I am a big fan of. This included James, The pigeon detectives and The Fratellis. So I purchased two tickets, one for me and the other a birthday present for my boyfriend (which ended up being possibly the worst present he had ever received) and this amounted to £180. 


So on Saturday I woke up early full of hope and excitement for the couple of days ahead of me, little did I know they would end with me sending angry emails to whoever I could, demanding my money back.

The first clue that we had of how unorganised the festival was, was the ridiculously long queue just to get in, but we are British so this is was not something that we found particularly alarming. We then went in, got ourself a drink and went to watch the end of the band Clay on the main stage and wait for The Pigeon Detectives, at this point there was a decent amount of people but no massive crowds. However when The Pigeon Detectives finally finished their much shorter than expected set (which had started an hour and a half late and could hardly be heard) we tried to head towards the highly anticipated gin bar and that's when the bedlam started. 

hope and glory festival

I was terrified to be part of the the large crowd squashing through the tiny unfenced gap to get to the rest of the festival. 

After paying £11 for an uncooked 9" pizza and standing in line for half an hour in attempt to get a drink (which we eventually left with no drink in hand) we started to consider our options. 

As much as I wanted to see James, a band I have been eager to see for years, I was unsure if I could wait for another 4/5 hours with pretty much no access to an alcoholic drink or use of a toilet. Like come on, 10,000 tickets, 2 bars and 20 toilets, REALLY?!

So we decided to leave and come back the next day refreshed and prepared with hip flasks. 


So we woke up the next day with the plan to get there later but just in time to see Reverend and The Makers and The Twang. It was then when I was doing my daily morning scroll of social media when I saw a tweet from the festival account simply stating 'no festival today'. After more investigation I realised it seemed that even the bands due to be performing were unaware of what was going on.


So to be honest it wasn't the best weekend. 

At this point it also looks like no chance of a refund, and I can't say £90 is a reasonable price to see 1 and a half bands. 

Event Date: 
Wednesday, August 9, 2017
August 9, 2017

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