Sustainable travel future – Gone West

Focusing on sustainable travel, Gone West has created a platform to offset the negative environmental impact of travel for businesses and consumers alike. This startup company is taking on the challenge of climate change with its unique vision, combining travel and forestry.

With a global team, Gone West are pioneering the world of sustainable travel and working towards a solution to travelling without lasting impacts on the environment. Their seamless booking system counteracts carbon footprints by planting trees, offering a way to explore the world while giving back. The easy to navigate system can be used to book flights, accommodation and activities. The forestry team expertly calculates the emissions of the journey and plans how many trees will need to be planted to offset the impact.  Combating the effect of travel on the environment, Gone West has already commercially planted 500,000 trees.  The future of Gone West will see the sustainable travel company next tackling coral reef restoration.

Official partners, including online travel company Expedia, have come on board to help co-founders, James Hughes and Thomas Silcock realise the Gone West vision.  The Gone West founders also believe that taking on climate change is a communal effort and have launched a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter to allow the public to get directly involved.


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Event Date: 
Thursday, August 10, 2017

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