Langley Castle Hotel and Restaurant

Stunning, four-star Langley Castle Hotel and Restaurant, in Langley-on-Tyne, strives to excel at everything it does within its seven-foot thick, 14th century walls, whilst focused on pride, passion and a penchant for doing things in Northumberland’s own inimitable way.


The castle, built in 1350, oozes sense of place no matter which century you wish to focus upon, being far more than just a façade and having the true depth and identity that emanates from authenticity, rather than fake features and an unconvincing historic veneer. 


Whilst its nine castle rooms (five Feature Rooms and four Deluxe Rooms) have contemporary twists and features, ranging from spa bath to sauna and walk-in wardrobe to wet room, these modern features are juxtaposed with original architectural features, incredible raised window seats set into the sturdy walls that once repelled the Border Reivers and rampant Scots, and hugely impressive archways and fairy-tale staircases.

Langley Castle Hotel and Restaurant

Langley is a place that creates goose bumps, mesmerises with every twinkle of the chandelier and sunbeam falling through the lead-paned windows and lulls the guest into a mood of contentment and joy, whether they are curled up in front of the drawing room’s roaring log fire, indulging in an afternoon cream tea, or strolling around its six-acre grounds.


It is also a hotel that adds to the debate of whether it is better to be inside the castle looking out, or outside the castle revelling in its breathtaking appearance.  Those guests staying in the converted stable block of Castle View, can have the best of both worlds, enjoying relaxed and ultra-comfortable accommodation, complete with conveniences such as flatscreen TVs and SKY channels and planners, whilst also revelling in time spent inside the castle whilst dining or relaxing in the drawing room.


With a very private Castle Lodge option, for those prepared to walk a little further away from Langley’s main building, in exchange for a terrace and outdoor seating area and a glorious view of the castle, this 27-room boutique castle hotel has absolutely everything the heart could desire – one reason why it instils such passion in those who stay here.


Langley is certainly a castle that has been loved, with a succession of owners going the extra mile to make this very special place very extra-special, in their own unique ways. Perhaps 2017 is the year that you too should fall in love with Langley?


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Friday, June 16, 2017

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