Sea Creatures: Life Beneath The Ocean 

A ground-breaking new exhibition allowing visitors to explore the secrets of life beneath the ocean’s waves is coming to Scotland. Featuring incredible cross-sections of animals from whales and penguins to Great White sharks, Sea Creatures: Life Beneath The Ocean will provide a never-before-seen up-close glimpse of their complex organs.

A first for Scotland, the exhibition opens at the Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston in Edinburgh from 21 September - 18 October and will showcase 50 ethically sourced, real-life specimens of creatures including a Baleen Whale, Whale Shark, Great White Shark, Dolphin, Seal, Octopus, Penguin and Sting Ray on display. Visitors to the one-off exhibition will be able to glimpse inside these majestic beasts, learning about the complex life systems within and why we need to protect precious ocean life.Sea Creatures: Life Beneath The Ocean 

The painstakingly preserved displays use the same plastination process developed by Dr. Gunther von Hagens and made famous by artist Damien Hirst, replacing fluids and soluble fats with resins and allowing us to view incredibly accurate ‘cross-sections’ of the creatures. The exhibition is brought to the UK by Culture Event Creative in partnership with the Scottish Association for Maritime Science (SAMS).

Alongside the many full-body exhibits will be a host of smaller displays, including the lung and eyeball of a Mink Whale, a whale’s kidney, the egg of a King Penguin, a Sea Lion’s heart and shark’s teeth. In total, over 200 exhibits will be on show.

The educational exhibition will also feature Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, digital interactive experiences, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in an underwater world.

Sea creatures will be brought to life by a range of digital interactive experiences and will allow visitors to explore the deepest regions of planet earth’s oceans. The exhibition kicks off in London in July, before coming to Edinburgh then on to Harrogate and Belfast later in the year.

Sea Creatures: Life Beneath The Ocean London - Royal Horticultural Halls - 20 July – 30 Aug
Edinburgh - Royal Highland Centre - 21 Sept – 18 Oct
Yorkshire - Harrogate Convention Centre - 30 Oct – 28 Nov
N Ireland - Titanic Exhibition Centre – 8 Dec – 2 Jan 2019

Tickets on sale at:

Prices start from £18 for adults and £12 for child. 



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