Tips to stay warm and active with your dog this winter!

When the air is cold, and the sun isn’t shining it can be difficult to motivate yourself to get off your comfy sofa and stay active. However, your dog still needs exercise and stimulation in the autumn and winter months, no matter how cosy they look curled up by the fire! Exercise is vital for a dog’s physical and mental wellbeing and is also a crucial part of maintaining that special bond with your pooch.

Lintbells, manufacturers of natural supplements, has put together some handy tips on how to keep yourself motivated and active with your dog during the winter seasons:


The weather might not be very welcoming outside, but your dog will need to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air – you’ll probably need it too.

When outside, be aware of those fallen conkers and acorns. While they are a wonderful part of the colder months, they can be harmful to dogs and can cause nasty stomach problems. Also watch out for the salt and other chemicals used to prevent ice on roads and pavements as this can be harmful to your pet. Don’t let this stop you from walking them, but always wash their paws when you get home.

It’s always best to walk your dog in the daylight, but if that isn’t possible with the nights drawing in earlier, stay safe and get high-visibility jackets for you both. You could even get your dog Dog walkingan LED jacket, making them both safe and the coolest dog in the neighbourhood!

Indoor Activities

When the weather is too cold to take your dog on a walk, make sure to keep them active indoors instead. Hide and seek is a brilliant activity, as it can be done safely even in the smallest homes. Hide yourself in a room away from your four-legged friend and shout “come” when you’re ready. Once your dog finds you, reward them with a treat!

You can even find fun, engaging toys that encourage them to bat, run, jump and play. When playing with pets indoors, be safe and make sure there are no dangerous items around that could injure your dog and yourself as well.

Agility Classes

Why not start a new hobby that is fun for both you and your dog? Agility courses can be indoor or outdoor, but either way you’ll keep warm with the amount of running you’ll both be doing. With tunnels, see-saws, hurdles, and other stimulating obstacles, your dog will have the time of their life all while staying active. Taking part in agility classes and competitions is also a great way to strengthen the bond you have with your pup further.

Stay Sociable

Making new friends while staying active as you walk or run around the park and play games can also be a good motivator. You could even turn it into a fitness group. Get your running shoes on, and off you and your four-legged friend go! Today, most phones have a health and fitness app that you can use to set a target number of steps or active time. Maybe even increase it every few weeks to give yourself an extra challenge. Having a target and making you and your dog’s workout a social experience, will make you far more motivated to get outside this winter.

Start a new health routine

Being less active, especially during the colder months, can give rise to stiff joints. Joint stiffness can be quite common in dogs, regardless of their age. So, this winter why not take a pledge to stay active and eat right to ensure you and your dog are getting all the right nutrients.

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*Study conducted by Royal Veterinary College. Data on file.

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November 26, 2018

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