A wild medicine walk with a medical herbalist

Herbal medicine is the oldest form of medicine in the world. It was just two generations ago that we were using these herbs in our homes for common complaints like colds, hayfever, coughs and headaches in the UK. 


Natasha Richardson is a medical herbalist who has run wild medicine walks since 2010. She wants to help people reconnect with their natural environment by educating them about the incredible value of the plants which surround us.


Her medicine walks last a couple of hours and happen along the forgotten in-between places across London; the canals, railway edges and the occasional farm. It’s easy to feel like there is nothing natural about London, but the plants are everywhere once you know what to look for. 


On this walk you'll realise we're still surrounded by the same medicine chest which our ancestors had. The focus isn’t just on the medicinal properties of these plants but the folk lore, history, and emotional uses too. You’ll get to taste extracts of the herbs as you walk and even be shown how to make a herbal extract. 


basket“Natasha really knows her stuff. Her knowledge about the plants I often pass by included the myths and legends that surround them, the science behind them and the practical usage of them.” - Rachel, a blogger and previous walk attendee 


If you wish you could make a walk but can't, check out Natasha's podcast and course; Listen to Herbs. That helps you learn about a mystery herb from your home once a month. 


Where: a variety of locations across London, check out Natasha’s upcoming events here https://www.facebook.com/pg/foragebotanicals/events/?ref=page_internal


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