World Tourism Day

Travel enriches us; it allows people to experience new places, cultures, sights, and people. It also crucially allows for people in places all over the world to have a reliable and sustainable income. In certain parts of the world, tourism is the only viable option to earn a living; people might not have access to a decent education or there might be a very poor infrastructure or there may be little to no other employment options. Tourism creates an industry where there is little but a piece of natural scenery that people wish to visit. It's no surprise therefore that that the tourism industry is literally worth billions of dollars annually. Of course tourism exists in more affluent areas also and the existence of hotels creates huge employment in densely populated areas. The United Nations decided in 1980 to create a day to mark the influence and impact of tourism on the world based on economic, political, social and cultural principles. This became known as World Tourism Day and it's celebrated annually since then on September 27th all over the world. Each year a theme is assigned and the message is focused on that. The theme for World Tourism Day in 2017 is sustainable tourism. In 1997, the United Nations decided to assign each year to a host country who would then develop and create a festival of events to mark the day. This year the day is hosted by the Middle Eastern country of Qatar. The people at the Killarney Hotel group have created the below infographic which details everything that you need to know about this United Nations backed initiative. Check out the full detail below and Happy World Tourism Day! 

world tourism day celebration

Event Date: 
Monday, October 2, 2017
October 2, 2017

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