Enjoy the E-Bike Experience on Your Glamping Holidays!

Cycling is such a feel-good form of exercise and it’s a great way to get more active for people of differing ages and fitness levels. Of course, you can choose whether you exercise with family, friends or colleagues or simply go it alone and what better time to enjoy a spot of cycling than whilst you’re on your gorgeous glamping holidays?

Of course, cycling comes in various forms: from leisurely rides alongcountry lanes, to the daily commute, mountain biking and BMX to name but a few, but anyone looking for a little help with the hills and inclines on their route, or just some gentle power assistance, can call on the market -leading Raleigh electric bikes collection. (or e-bikes as they are commonly known). 

In many European countries, e-bikes are extremely popular (especially with the over 50s) but surprisingly Britain hadn’t got into the whole e-bike experience until around 10-15 years ago. 

The advent of e-bikes in the UK has made cycling much more inclusive for people of all ages. The challenges of hills and headwinds are consigned to the past with an electric bike and this new form of cycling is just the job for those of us looking for a little help going the distance or tackling hills and gradients.


Cycling (including e-biking) is good for your health as it means you can build regular exercise into your daily routine without really noticing it and with an e-bike there’s the added bonus that you can go further for the same effort!

Cleverly engineered e-bikes are perfect for taking the strain out of a quick sprint to the shops, days out cycling in the countryside or to addanother dimension to the glamping holiday experience.

With an e-bike you can return to the saddle successfully, even if it’s years since you last enjoyed cycling. You certainly don’t need to be a serious cyclist, nor do you need to be incredibly fit.

It’s a great way to get more active, enjoy the outdoors and keep up with the children or grandkids on your glamping trip! Before you get started we’d recommend going on a cycling refresher course to help build your confidence. However, we know that the first time you try one of Raleigh’s e-bikes will be a total revelation and before too long you’ll be hooked!

Today’s e-bikes, provide a comfortable ride with miles and miles of reliable power assistance. The intuitive technology allows e-bikes to register how much pedal power you’re putting in, so they simply provide exactly the right amount of assistance that you need.

Add to all this the fact that e-bikes are great fun to ride and offer quite a different experience than riding conventional bikes, as it means you can relax a little and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings in your favourite glamping spots.


Choosing the Right E-Bike

The 21 models in the Raleigh e-bikes collection are designed to suit varying price points and differing lifestyles, but all of them provide the sense of freedom, exhilaration and independence that only an e-bike can bring!

The sort of price you could expect to pay for a high specification, comfortable Raleigh e-bike starts at £1000, representing a lot of bike for your money!

You can rely on your local Raleigh e-bike dealer to take you through the options available, in order to choose the right bike for you. Whilst you’re there, ask about the Raleigh Bike 4 Life guarantee too!

For further information on Raleigh e-bikes visit www.raleigh.co.uk or call 01773 532 694”

By Michelle Jakeway of Raleigh UK.


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