Green Glamping - a sustainable and fun holiday option

Glamping is a truly sustainable experience - the carbon footprint is minimal and getting back to nature makes for a memorable experience.

The UK has a number of high quality destinations in beautiful locations and this guide from Green Tourism - the go-to standard in sustainability working with tourist destinations across the UK - gives you top tips on choosing a truly green glamping site.



  1. Be water wise - check out how the destination manages water consumption with the use of low flow taps and showers to green friendly urinals with an eco-filter and eco-flush toilets. Some sites have taken this even further and have installed compost toilets!
  2. Be an Energy Saver - solar powered sites, wood burning ovens and outdoor LED lanterns cut energy consumption and look pretty too!
  3. Be a Local Hero - How often do we forget what's on our doorstep? Support your local campsites by recommending it to visiting friends. Many campsites use local suppliers for catering and services so the benefit to the regions' businesses can be significant
  4. Make a Home for Nature - Consider what the site gives back to nature whether that's creating nesting boxes for birds or planting native trees.
  5. Minimise your waste - It's not just about recycling redundant materials but also supporting recycled products - many campsites are super creative when it comes to reusing by-products or waste materials.
  6. Live the green dream - Make it a memorable trip by choosing a site where you experience all things sustainable from organic cotton sheets and furnishings, to local suppliers, farmers and homegrown produce. Some sites offer a range of activities that allow you to explore and enjoy the surrounding landscape in a sustainable way - from walking, crafts or stargazing.
  7. Bank on sustainability - Invest in a positive future - ensure you spend your money on supporting these sustainable campsites.
  8. Choose a real Green Leader - By supporting green leaders in tourism we can ensure more and more destinations will follow suit and help the planet!

A full list of Green accredited destinations can be found at

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