Azara Beautique's eco-conscious soap – product review

Azara Boutique Founders

Eco-friendly travellers are constantly looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint whilst globetrotting. And a simple way to do this is to review your toiletries: taking a bar of soap on holiday with you instead of shower gel means that you reduce your plastic consumption and don't have to worry about liquid restrictions. Each Azara soap can also be used as shampoo bars, so there's no need to worry about calculating liquid limits and squeezing leak-prone plastic bottles into your suitcase.

Azara has different soaps which can benefit your skin on holiday, priced at £22 each, including:

Why you should treat your Pearly Whites to an eco-friendly toothbrush

Toothbrushes - Pearly White Club

The Pearly White Club created the UK’s first bamboo toothbrush subscription service to address the 300 plastic toothbrushes we will EACH throw away on average over our lifetime. And there is no more wasteful time than when you’re on holiday: think of the amount of toothbrushes and toiletries in plastic bottles which hotels alone go through worldwide. Here, founders Jenny and Dave Hutchings discuss the motivation behind getting their new product on the market….


How and when did the company begin trading?

Get paid to bring in the Belvoir Fruit Farms’ elderflower harvest!

Elderflower harvest Belvoir Castle

Elderflower fans are invited to come and work for their tipple – you can get paid for helping bring the elderflower harvest home for Belvoir Fruit Farms, who need to gather in over 60 tonnes (that’s 3.6million flowerheads) of the creamy, frothy flora.

The elderflower is gathered from Belvoir’s own 90 acres of plantations and from the elder bushes growing wild in the hedgerows throughout the beautiful Vale of Belvoir, Lincolnshire.